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I downloaded to run on Windows 11. It says 'this app can't run on your pc.' I attempted compatibility mode with older versions of Windows but that didn't work. Did I miss something? Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately I don't have Windows 11 so I can't test this. Can you send a picture of the error?

Hi, no problem. Screenshot attached. Thank you.

Hmm, unfortunately they don't give a lot of detail. It might be because of Windows 11. The only three options I can think of are;
1. The download could have been corrupted somehow, so redownloading it might be worth a try
2. You haven't extracted/unzipped the downloaded folder or it somehow broke while extracting
3. Your computer antivirus is falsely blocking it

That's all I can think of, so I hope one of those might work for you. It is a very small game though, so it might not be worth the effort if you're spending a lot of time trying to get it to work ๐Ÿ˜…

Ok, no problem. I did check the antivirus, defender and Malwarebytes, and no blocking there. Also tried it with both disabled. I did download again but the same result. And yep, I unzipped and working with the exe file. At this point I have to agree, I will need to move on to other things  :) If you do find a solution I would be interested in trying out your game.

Ok, no worries, sorry you couldn't get it to work. It is probably something to do with Windows 11 then since I made the game before it was widely released. If I upgrade to 11 I'll try work on a fix. 

Played it and enjoyed but i litteraly finished the game in 2 minutes and half (not worth 1 dollar imho because its extremely short).

Hi, this was a game-jam game that I made completely from scratch (hand painted textures, models, animations, music and so on) by myself in just 5 days, so that's why it's so short.

As for the $1, that was for a support/fundraising event. The game is usually free, and I forgot to set it back to free, which I have now.

Sorry for the expectations, I'm glad you still managed to enjoy it even though it's short. 

Hello :p

yeah I had read the description about the 5 days of development. My comment was about the price but I want to clarify that I really enjoyed "playing" the game which reminded me of "astro playroom". The 3 minute duration is too frustrating.

In my opinion, you have the skills and the talent to work in a big studio (with more money, you could do very well and I really think so my friend).

I want to congratulate you and encourage you to work in this direction because you have talent.

Please, I didn't want you to put the game for free, it was only a remark and I hope I didn't sound rude.


No worries, thanks for the kind comments. I hope to someday be able to release a full game of Rivet ๐Ÿ˜

Great game, just wish there was a bit more of game.


Thanks! The whole game and everything in it, from the graphics and animation to the music and sounds, was made from scratch by one person (me) in just 5 days, which is why it's so short. I hope to expand it one day though.

Will Linux builds ever be available?

At this stage I don't have a Linux to test builds for, but possibly in the future.


What about via Oracle VirtualBox?

Thanks, I'll look into it. ;)

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Love this cute platformer. Only wish there was more.

Thanks for playing! I hope to make more adventures of Rivet in the future.


looking forward to it if you do :)


Excellent game for 5 days, loved it for the #UnrealJam.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!