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Superbe démo à laquelle j'ai pris grand plaisir à jouer. Je vois que tu aimes Myst (comme moi !). C'est vraiment très réussi à tout point de vue. J'aimerais beaucoup voir la suite. La première énigme est difficile mais celle avec les tuyaux est trop facile. A quand la suite ???

J'ai aussi fait un Myst-Like :


Merci pour jouer et pour les commentaires! Je suis content que vous avez apprécié! Votre jeu Myst-Like semble très bon, et me rappelle beaucoup de Myst Island. Bien joué!

Playthrough by DJ Sterf:


Really awesome game! Good story line and makes me very curious about what is in the future! Thank you for the good play. :)

Thank you for playing!


Looking forward to whatever's next! You created a beautiful environment to work in!

Thanks for the playthrough! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Playthrough by BlueFireYT:


tx, i completed the demo,i now made the playlist aside from the brighness adjustment it was very good! :)

Thanks again for playing! I'm glad you managed to finish!

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Part 2:


CP-Dimensions... your game... wow. Jaw-dropping ambition and quality for a three-week project! I'm impressed! I was in the Icehouse Jam too but realized near the end that my submission wouldn't be even close to ready in time, but you - your project has more scope than mine did AND you somehow completed it in time! I suspect you may well win top prize on this BTW, and it'd be well deserved. Fantastic work!

-Matthew L. Hornbostel []

Thanks so much! I hope you continue to make your project as well.



Just went ahead and supported you with a small payment. Hope you keep making adventure games here and there, as you've got a knack for that. Whenever your new KS shows up for "What was found at Ravenhill" I'll make sure to back the creation of that a bit as well plus any future [possible] Kickstarter for additions to this game [Seclusion] someday. Good luck - and I hope you are able to keep making games. 


Wow, thank you! I really appreciate the support! I've sent you a small thank you email ;)