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Hey everyone! Today I am starting development on the full version of Seclusion!

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has downloaded the demo and supported the project so far. Let me know if there is anything you think I should change/add or if you have found any bugs I should fix, by commenting down below. 

The plan:
I will start by fixing any bugs in the current demo as well as adding a few new areas and puzzles before publishing an updated demo. I will then continue developing the rest of the game, posting regular blog updates on the website I mentioned before. I won't publish any playable updates until the game is completed.

Thanks again for your interest in this project and I hope you will have fun exploring the worlds of Seclusion!


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i Kinda got lost after the first puzzle room, idk if there's something obvious that i missed or it's just a brightness problem idk

Hi and thanks for the playthrough. If you want to continue playing the game, close the door that you used to enter the cave and you will find a passage hidden behind it on your left. ;)

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I now also have a contact page on the Seclusion website, so if you want to report a bug you found, make a suggestion or just let me know what you think, you can get in touch with me directly: