Valentine's Day Update

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I thought this a good time to release an updated version of Cupid Upgraded: Cupid 2.0! This release has many new features which I'll dive into in a moment, but first I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported the project so far. I hope you enjoy playing the new version!

So, without further ado, what's new in Cupid 2.0 (besides the new title)? Well, as far as the world goes, there are now structures outside to add to the overall atmosphere, there are extra details that hint at a tragic backstory and there's a new secret area to find! There are also new gameplay features: A much requested run function (although you have a stamina bar, so you can't always outrun the robots), new blue hearts to collect which give you score (and are sometimes tricky to find) and a super-cool slow-motion function! I've also fixed all the bugs found in the original game. That being said, if you find any new bugs please let me know. Why? Because I'm going to continue work on Cupid 2.0! That’s right, this is only the beginning. I'll slowly be working on a full game with even more areas to explore and more enemies and more weapons and more of just about everything! So make sure you stay tuned for future updates!

Something to note before you start playing: there's still no end to the game, but there are things you can do in the meantime. Firstly, there is a secret event that you can trigger, so look out for that. Also, those blue hearts I mentioned earlier? There are 5 of them hidden around the factory. See if you can find them all!

Thanks again, and enjoy playing!


Cupid2.0 *Valentine's Day Update* 240 MB
Feb 14, 2020

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